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Building Permit and Process Checklist

Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application

Erosion Control Regulations Checklist

Building Cross Section Aide

How long is the building permit good for?
12 months

What needs a building permit?
1 and 2 family houses, All additions, Manufactured Homes, Decks, Residing.

What is exempt?
Reroofing and any project less than $500

How is the building permit fee determined?
New house permit fees are determined using the following formula.
$100 plus $3.40 per $1000 of project valuation. The project valuation is the total of the following calculations.
Living area                  $88.50 sq/ft
Basement                    $30.00 sq/ft
Garage                         $30.00 sq/ft
Deck                            $16.50 sq/ft

A State permit seal of $35 is added if the project is a new dwelling.
An administration fee of $200 is added if the project is a new dwelling.

Permit fees for other projects have different fees, call Moriak Enterprises for specifics