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2018 Building Permit and Process Checklist

Wisconsin Online Building Permit Application (NEW DWELLINGS ONLY)

Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application (FOR EVERYTHING BESIDES NEW DWELLINGS)

Erosion Control Regulations Checklist

Building Cross Section Aide

How long is the building permit good for?
You have 24 months to get the building weather tight.

What needs a building permit?
1 and 2 family houses, Commercial Buildings, All additions, decks, Manufactured homes, plus accessory building larger than 144 square feet.

What is exempt?
Residing and reroofing and projects less than $2,500

How is the building permit fee determined?
New house permit fees are determined using the following formula.
$100 plus $3.75 per $1000 of project valuation. The project valuation is the total of the following calculations.
Living area                  $88.50 sq/ft
Basement                    $30.00 sq/ft
Garage                         $30.00 sq/ft
Deck                            $16.50 sq/ft

A State permit seal of $35 is added if the project is a new dwelling.
An administration fee of $50 is added to the permit fee.

A permit application assistance fee of $50.00 will be added if additional assistance is needed
An Impact Fee of $2740.00 is required by the Town for all new dwellings, payable to the Town of Alden and given to the Building Inspector at the same time as receiving the building permit.